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Socials - Coming up for Season 2012/13!

Confirmation emails with details on below socials well be sent out closer to the event times.
If you have any questions please email:

BAWFC Social Comms

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Event: BAWFC Christmas Party
Date: Friday 30th November 2012
Time: 730pm until late
Location: Covent Garden, at the Palm Court Brasserie and club/bar

Description: We're booking a 3 course meal, the menu is here. Email the Socials Team if you haven't yet replied but would like to come. We will need to collect a tenner deposit from you when we see you.

Event: Fireworks with Music and Curry
Date: Friday 2nd November 2012
Time: 730pm
Location: Concorde Club

Description: Fireworks with music at Concorde Club.

Event: A Night at the Dogs
Date: Friday 5th October 2012
Time: 7pm until 1030pm
Location: Wimbledon

Description: We are organising a Fundrazor to raise some money for our football team. Enjoy the electric atmosphere of the race action and at the same time as you help our club to get some extra money. The more tickets we sell the more that we raise for the club.

Event: BAWFC Annual Pub Crawl
Date: Saturday 18th August 2012
Time: 3pm until late
Location: Richmond

Description: Up to 12 pubs with various games to play in each. Meet up at the 'One Kew Road' pub (directly opposite Richmond train station).

Event: Wally party
Date: Friday 20th July 2012
Location: Pat & Jane's (the infamous Den) in Ashford
Time: 730pm

Description: Pat & Jane would like to host a 'Where's Wally' party (yes, people come in 'Where's Wally' fancy dress) and raise some money for cancer at the same time. There'll be a prize for the best dressed. Note: you won't allowed in if you're not in fancy dress.....Pat is going to do a veggie chilli and charge people £2 which will go to Karen to give to charity for her mum who passed away earlier in the year. Bring your own drink. There'll be all the usual fun of karaoke and Wii too of course. As it's at Pat & Jane's house, the social is open only to the team.

Event: Race for Life
Date: Wednesday 11 July 2012
Location: Hammersmith
Time: 7pm

Description: One evening, great cause. Come on BA!

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Event: Picnic & Sports at Richmond Park & Euro 2012 Final
Date: Sunday 1 July 2012
Location: Richmond
Time: 2pm

Description: Picnic & sports at Richmond Park, followed by watching the Euro 2012 Final in a nearby pub. Don't forget to bring your food and drink!

Event: England Euro 2012 Campaign
Date: Monday 11th, Friday 15th and Tuesday 19th June 2012
Location: 11th & 15th TBC, 19th Concorde Club Bar
Time: 11th is 5pm, 15th & 19th is 745pm

Description: BAWFC get together to cheer on England! The 15th may include a bar/club to celebrate some English success.

Event: Football Section Awards Evening
Date: Saturday 26th May 2012
Location: Concorde Club
Time: 7pm

Description: Who are this seasons best of the best? Find out who wins the awards this year.
Enjoy some food, drinks, music and dance floor!

The Awards evening will no longer include the infamous 'disco' (boo). So, in the absence of a DJ or indeed a ghetto blaster, we may venture out to a club for those who fancy it.
The nearest option (and where we can realistically get in after 10.30/11) is here: Karma Club (the old Club Boulevard) in Ealing.
Entry should be only a fiver and cabs can be booked on the night, about an hour before leaving Concorde.
Decide over your 3 courses!