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BAWFC awarded walk-over against Cobham

BAWFC will have another frustrating football-free weekend as Cobham are unable to field a team. The league have awarded BAWFC with the win but at the expensive of again not being able to play competitive matches in consecutive weeks.

BAWFC up to 3rd!

After a slow start to the season BAWFC are now up to third in the league table. Victoire have folded which means that there are seven teams in the league with each team playing one another three times. You can view the Surrey League Premier Division table here.

BAWFC start off 2013 with 3 points!

Croydon 1 BAWFC 2

First game of 2013 was always going to be a struggle. The season has been so stop and start it's been difficult to gain match fitness and then there's the additional Christmas pounds to complete with. But hey, a game that hasn't got cancelled! That's a rarity nowadays, so the BA ladies were going to make the most of this game, and against a team we could never quite manage 3 points against.

Arriving at Croydon Rec it was obvious the groundsmen had taken an extended break over the Christmas period... So now we had a jungle to complete with as well - and mind the dips people! A new kit for 2013, the ladies looked hot in their figure hugging shorts...

A new formation and some first team league debuts to make up for the regular first teamers that were injured/away. BAWFC started the game with lots of possession, although lack of practice was evident in the fact we could not string more than 3 passes together.

We gifted Croydon a goal 25 minutes into the first half with a mistake at the back giving them an open goal to aim at. Heads didn't go down.. we could sense the opposition was already tiring. Patience and keep your heads up ladies.

30 minutes into the first half we hear a shout from a couple of lager louts, "your keepers dead". Keeper Tasha 'Tiger' Bajwa is lying on the ground.. the team first aiders run to her rescue, and there's a 15-20 minute break whilst the ambulance are called and she is being seen too.

15 minutes for the first half remain - keeper change, thank you Dips 'Dippy do' Brar for stepping in. Some instructions to the team, no long shots as our stand-in keeper is 5ft-not-a-lot! It meant we had to work even harder as a team to stop crosses and long shots into the box.

Overall it was a scrappy first half which ended 1-nil to Croydon. Some frustrations with a very flag happy linesman, we knew we could play better. We had limited Croydon's chances who only really had the one chance to score which they finished very well.

Important instructions by the Manager at half time who changed the formation and highlighted the points to improve, our passing and shooting.

The second half started with BAWFC having most of the possession and having an improved passing game. It continued to be a scrappy game with much of it being played in the Croydon half. BAWFC had numerous amounts of corners which we failed to make much of a threat - something to work on in the training ground maybe..? Croydon almost doubled their lead from one of their few corners, but Preeti Johal headed the ball off the line - that's the importance of staying ON the line in a corner.

It wasn't until the introduction of super-sub Olive 'Adebayor' Nwachwuguru that BAWFC were able to equalise. A typical run from Becks 'Bale' Poulton who picked up the ball in centre mid, stormed through the Croydon midfield and down her favourite position of the right wing. There are shouts of "SHOOT!" from the BA players but Becks looks up and intelligently cuts the ball back to Olive, who takes one touch to step away from the Croydon defender and then shoots right into the bottom left hand corner. The diving Croydon keeper had no chance. A well deserved equaliser but BA weren't stopping at a point - we knew the 3 points were for the taking with a tiring opposition who couldn't wait for full time.

Less than 10 minutes to go BA pressed hard. We could sense victory. A ball cleared from the back leads straight into a dangerous attack. Olive picks up the ball and plays a ball straight through to Gilly Thomson whose hard work through out the game finally paid off with a beautiful finish. 2-1 BAWFC!

With Croydon's heads down there was even opportunities for a third but BA played intelligent football. The last 6 minutes of the game consisted of "Give Olive the ball! Hold it up!" And we literally did just that. There was no way Olive was giving that ball up without a fight. The final whistle went and BAWFC were 2-1 winners in a scrappy, and sometimes heated match.

With everything that was against us (and there was a lot!) BAWFC's fitness proved superior; combined with our discipline, determination and overall teamwork we gained a well deserved 3 points to start 2013.